Friday, 13 February 2009

Wow - Health Gazette!

I just have to write another post at this silly hour of the morning to draw attention to a fantastic discovery I've just made.

After a year of shuffling through a hundred Google Alerts every week which, in spite of my best efforts to target them effectively, only throw up a decent story once in every 10 bulk posts, I have suddenly come across the thing I always hoped and dreamed would exist.

Health Gazette is a professionally focussed, but independent and open-minded e-zine which dedicates a special section to herbs and even allows a herb-specific feed.

Suffice to say I've added it to this blog (find it on the right) and I'm already drooling over the headlines it's thrown out. Even the pine bark extract mentioned yesterday is in the middle of their list (at the time of writing). So I'm looking forward to deleting most of my Google Alerts as a result and I hope you'll join me to see what comes next on the Health Gazette 'Herbs' feed!

How truly wonderful can life get?

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