Tuesday, 10 February 2009

In the beginning...

Generally I don't believe in blogging. I haven't yet discovered the value of following the minutiae of the lives of others at the expense of living one's own and have only ever ventured into the blogosphere, on the whim of a search engine, once or twice in the past.

But, since I spend so much of my time learning about so many fascinating things to do with medicinal plants, health and all manner of other things, I decided it was about time I share some of my discoveries with others who find these things interesting.

Hopefully my attempt at contracting blogofever will also reduce the rate at which I blast my long suffering partner with herbal factoids, often of little or no interest to him.

And so I begin my first ever blog. Expected (or hoped) to contain any or all of the following: Anatomy, physiology, pathology, medicinal plants, research, thoughts, ideas, activities and just about anything I think is of consequence in the world of plant-based medicine.

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