Friday, 30 October 2009

Save Herbal Medicine demonstration, 2 Nov

Demonstration and mass lobby at parliament to save Herbal Medicine.

in April 2011 new EU rules come into force regarding medicinal products, covering herbs. These EU rules, once applied would outlaw access to 95% of herbs, not only over the counter but also those prescribed for patients by professionals. Only herbal preparations that have been licensed will be marketed. The issue for the UK is that the government is planning to abandon it's committment to statutory regulation of this sector (due to costs) and leave it to be all but destroyed from May 2011. Such a move is likely to have severe effects on the accessibility to herbal medicine. Join in the demonstration outside Parliament, led by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, against the government’s decision. Show your support and join in the demonstration.

The demonstration is in conjunction with a mass lobby of MP’s from 2-4 pm. Arrange a meeting with your MP to inform them of the importance of statutory regulations.


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