Sunday, 15 February 2009

Contribute an Ethnomedica "Remembered Remedy"

If you wish to contribute your own memories of traditional medicinal plant use to me as part of the Ethnomedica project please leave a comment below which answers the questions listed. All comments on this blog are moderated and only those details you agree to disclose will be included if your comment is published.

Part 1: Your Remembered Remedy
1.1 What was the plant/remedy name?
1.2 For what purpose was it used?
1.3 Did it work?
1.4 Do you still use this remedy?
1.5 How was it prepared and used? What part of the plant was used?

Part 2: About You
2.1 When did you learn/use this remedy? (e.g. 1950's)
2.2 Where were you living at the time? (e.g. Kent)
2.3 How old were you?
2.4 Who told you about/taught you this remedy?
2.5 Have you passed this remedy on to others? To whom?

Part 3: Your Personal Details
3.1 What is your Name?
3.2 Would you like your name to be published alongside the information you have provided? YES/NO

Part 4: Your Contact Details
Your contact details allow us to follow up any unusual or interesting contributions and will not be published or passed on. Please supply one or more of the following if possible:

4.1 Your e-mail address
4.1 Your telephone number
4.3 Your home address

Part 5: Consent
5.1 Ethnomedica Consent:
"I am happy for the information I give to the project to be published and to be passed on to other projects researching different aspects of British traditions." AGREE/DISAGREE
5.2 Herbal Matters Consent:
"I am happy for the comment I have left on the Herbal Matters blog to be published as such and for the author of Herbal Matters to quote from or refer to it" AGREE/DISAGREE

Part 6: Would you be interested in receiving occasional e-mail updates relating to the findings of the Ethnomedica "Rememebered Remedies" project in the future? YES/NO

I look forward to hearing from you

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