Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Herby Event: Feast on the Bridge

Living Medicine is running a Herb Tea stall on the Feast on the Bridge event this Saturday 12th September.

This is a wonderful event on Southwark Bridge, part of the Thames Festival which is celebrating local food, foraging, school children growing food in reclaimed supermarket trolleys, preparing and eating good food including the sacred mayonnaise!, and a host of other activities for children and parents.

At the Living Medicine stall, which is on the north side of the bridge, medical herbalists and some generous volunteers will be serving various herb teas, free to all, to taste and take away. People can find out both how simple and delicious fresh and dried herb teas can be, as well as discover more about their many medicinal uses.


Star said...

I had a herbal tea today and it was delicious. I think it was blackcurrant and ginseng with ginger. Good luck with it.
Blessings, Star

matt said...

more people should drink herbal tea. would be good for them to have some natural goodness in their body's.

Medical said...

I am really sceptical about the overall effects of herbal teas. Ok if you are on a strict and wholesome diet then I am sure you would feel better anyway. However just sipping herbal tea between burgers isn't really going to have much effect; surely?